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All the Politicians Who Have Signed the Pledge for Free and Fair Elections

This list includes over 100 courageous candidates who have pledged to unequivocally support free and fair elections.

Wolf-PAC invited candidates and elected officials from across the country to sign a pledge showing voters that they stand with the American people and not big monied interests. Those who sign the Free & Fair Elections Amendment Pledge agree to support all pathways – including an Article V Convention – that lead to a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution addressing the issue of campaign finance reform.

Since launching, the Free & Fair Elections Amendment Pledge has gathered over 100 signatures. The list below reflects everyone who has signed so far. Wolf-PAC will update this list monthly as more signatures come in.


State Level



State House/Senate


Alabama Donald Golden House 27B
Alaska Dennis Harris House 32
Alaska Elvi Gray-Jackson Senate I
Alaska Timothy Lamkin House 4
Arizona John Lewis Mealer Senate 7
Colorado Danielle Kombo House 45
Colorado Barrett Rothe House 43
Colorado Phil Kelley Senate 13
Colorado Conor Duffy House 49
Colorado Gbenga Ajiboye House 48
Connecticut Baird Welch-Collins House 38
Connecticut Eric Mastroianni Sr House 96
Connecticut James Krochko House 131
Connecticut Kenneth Gucker House 138
Connecticut Tiffany Thiele House 55
Connecticut Stephen Theriault Senate 16
Connecticut Gary Turco House 27
Connecticut Mary L Sanders House 4
Connecticut Aili McKeen Senate 34
Connecticut Kent Johnson House 65
Connecticut Charles Jackson House 5
Connecticut Christine Conley House 40
Connecticut Michael Winkler House 56
Connecticut Geoff Luxenberg House 12
Connecticut Philip Young House 120
Connecticut Joseph Gresko House 121
Connecticut Madeleine Leveille House 35
Connecticut Joshua Elliott House 88
Connecticut Kevin Ryan House 139
Connecticut Martha Marx Senate 20
Connecticut Mitch Bolinsky House 106
Connecticut Bob Duff Senate 25
Connecticut Christopher Rosario House 128
Connecticut Raghib Allie-Brennan House 2
Connecticut Ajmal Mehdi Senate 31
Connecticut Stephen Meskers House 150
Connecticut Bob Statchen Senate 18
Connecticut Mark Lounsbury Senate 19
Connecticut John Perrier Senate 35
Connecticut Michelle McCabe Senate 28
Connecticut Alex Larsson House 66
Connecticut James Maroney Senate 14
Connecticut Jorge Cabrera Senate 17
Connecticut Richard Ireland Jr. House 22
Connecticut Anthony Armetta House 9
Connecticut Anne Hughes House 135
Connecticut Will Haskell Senate 26
Connecticut Joseph de la Cruz House 41
Connecticut Dennis Bradley Senate 23
Delaware Joseph Daigle House 7
Delaware Erin Wienner House 10
Delaware Guillermina Gonzalez House 22
Florida Parisima Taeb House 78
Florida Kathy Lewis Senate 20
Florida Jeffrey Solomon House 115
Florida Rizwan Ahmed House 111
Florida Colleen Kasperek House 35
Florida Emma Collum House 93
Florida Nicole Haagenson House 54
Florida Amanda Murphy Senate 16
Georgia Brian Rosser House 5
Georgia Chris Benton House 131
Georgia Marcus Batten House 152
Georgia John Burnette House 13
Georgia Alana Watkins House 30
Georgia Rick Day House 7
Georgia Chuck Hufstetler Senate 52
Georgia Anita Tucker House 25
Georgia Scott Richard House 123
Georgia Donna McLeod House 105
Georgia Luanne Taylor House 49
Hawaii Amy Perruso House 46
Hawaii Michael L. Last Senate 3
Hawaii Breene Harimoto Senate 16
Hawaii Rose Martinez House 40
Hawaii Micah Pregitzer House 50
Hawaii Bob McDermott House 40
Hawaii Calvin K.Y. Say House 20
Hawaii Chayne Marten House 10
Hawaii Nicole Lowen House 6
Idaho Maria Andrews House 2A
Idaho Chris Abernathy House 29A
Indiana Dee Moore House 18
Indiana Frank Szczepanski House 4
Indiana Carolyn Jackson House 1
Indiana Chris Chyung House 15
Indiana Curtis Nash House 84
Indiana Christina Zacny House 16
Indiana Susan Diagana House 47
Indiana Corinne Westerfield House 55
Indiana Christina Fivecoate Senate 21
Iowa Jodi Clemens House 73
Iowa Kim Davis House 78
Iowa Ann Howell House 29
Iowa Zach Wahls Senate 37
Iowa Carl Krambeck Senate 37
Kentucky Tom Buford Senate 22
Maine Donna Bailey House 14
Maine Dennis O’Connor House 72
Maine Justin Chenette Senate 31
Maine Chris Johansen House 145
Maine Jan Collins Senate 17
Maine Kellie Julia Senate 15
Maine Justin Reinhardt House 21
Maine James Davitt House 101
Maine Patricia Nobel House 142
Massachusetts Jo Comerford Senate Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester
Massachusetts Thomas Merolli Senate Worcester & Norfolk
Massachusetts David Robertson House 19th Middlesex
Massachusetts Brian Murray House 10 Worcester
Massachusetts Jean Strauss House 5th Worcester
Massachusetts Steven Leibowitz House 1st Barnstable
Massachusetts Tami Gouveia House 14th Middlesex
Minnesota Brian Abrahamson House 22A
Minnesota Tim Burkhardt House 11B
Minnesota Alex Hering House 9A
Minnesota Jill Galvan House 18A
Minnesota Justin Vold House 18A
Missouri Travis Hagewood House 31
Montana Jennifer Merecki Senate 22
New Hampshire David Coursin House Rockingham 1
New Hampshire Edith DesMarais House Carroll 6
New Hampshire Joyce Weston House Grafton 8
New Hampshire Carlos Cardona House Belknap 3
New Hampshire Laura Lynch House Hillsborough 25
New Mexico Heather Nordquist House 46
New Mexico Andrea Romero House 46
New Mexico Mary Jo Jaramillo House 8
New Mexico Gerald Ortiz y Pino Senate 12
New Mexico Bill Tallman Senate 18
New Mexico Karen Whitlock House 38
New York James Gaughran Senate 5
New York Taylor Raynor House 18
New York Joyce St. George Senate 51
New York Alessandra Biaggi Senate 34
New York Adam Baumel House 64
New York Christine Pellegrino House 9
New York Andrew Raia House 12
New York Julia Salazar Senate 18
North Carolina Susan Dianne Little House 94
North Carolina Kimberly Bost House 96
North Dakota Nikolaus Groenewold Senate 19
North Dakota Marvin Nelson House 9
North Dakota Rachele Hall Senate 31
North Dakota Linda Ott Tangen House 19
Ohio Tavia Galonski House 35
Ohio Lorraine Wilburn House 48
Pennsylvania Shanna Danielson House 92
Pennsylvania Sean Quinlan House 87
Pennsylvania Jay Walker House 23
Pennsylvania Jay Sweeney Senate 20
Pennsylvania Cesar Liriano House 101
Pennsylvania Steve Snell House 94
Pennsylvania Anthony Harrell House 103
Pennsylvania Suzanne Delahunt House 37
Pennsylvania James McDevitt House 182
Pennsylvania Douglas Metcalfe House 128
Pennsylvania Jennie Porter House 43
South Dakota BJ Motley House 25
South Dakota Nick Reid House 33
South Dakota Mike Steinbrecher House 16
South Dakota Whitney Raver House 30
South Dakota Terry Crandall House 18
South Dakota Margaret Kuipers House 11
South Dakota Gregory Baldwin House 17
South Dakota Justyn Hauck Senate 14
Tennessee Justin Davis House 14
Tennessee Jennifer Vannoy House 34
Tennessee AJ Holmes House 64
Tennessee Coleen Martinez House 89
Tennessee Edward Nelson House 19
Utah Tyler Allred House 2
Utah Marilyn Mecham House 3
Utah Daniel Friend House 64
Utah Rick Jones House 12
Utah Kathy Darby House 9
Vermont Patrick Seymour House Caledonia-4
Virginia Sam Rasoul House 11
Washington Jenn Goulet House 9A
Washington Sydney Wissel House 36A
Washington Monica Stonier House 49B
Washington James Thomas House 35A
Washington Cindy Ryu House 32A
Washington David Daggett House 35B
Washington Shannon Braddock Senate 34
Washington John Thompson House 20A
Washington Joe Nguyen Senate 34
West Virginia Lissa Lucas House 7
West Virginia David Elliot Pritt House 32
West Virginia Jeanette Rowsey House 17
Wisconsin Erin Tracy House 40
Wisconsin John Calabrese House 29


Congressional Level





Connecticut Michelle Bicking House of Representatives 2
Hawaii Ron Curtis U.S. Senate
Hawaii Ernest Caravalho Governor
Hawaii Kaniela Ing House of Representatives 1
Hawaii Selina T Blackwell Governor
Iowa J.D. Scholten House of Representatives 4
Iowa Daniel Clark House of Representatives 2
New York Robin Wilt House of Representatives 25
Pennsylvania Paul Glover Governor
Pennsylvania Neal Gale U.S. Senate
Utah James Singer House of Representatives 3
Andrew Yang President

Last updated 11/02/2018


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