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Core Values

Wolf-PAC provides an organized structure combined with decentralized functions for members. This balance is essential for decision making and the success of our mission. For example, leadership in each state must respond to the unique political realities of their state, and make appropriately customized decisions regarding strategies and messaging for that state. While we have official leadership roles, the purpose of leadership is not to simply tell others what to do. Team leaders are responsible for: supporting teams in achieving their goals, meeting deadlines, staying focused on our mission, and fostering a winning culture for our teams. 

We constantly strive for the “sweet spot” within our hybrid structure so that we are never so centralized we become authoritarian and prevent growth and creativity, while also not so decentralized that we are inefficient and ineffective. Our challenges lie in the constant demands for creativity and influence from each area of responsibility, combined with results and accountability.

Above all, we defend two things in all our actions

The organization’s mission. Build a citizen movement powerful enough to add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will break the stranglehold that corruption and special interests have on Congress. In short, we aim to ensure a government of, by, and for the people. Current objective: pass our measures in 34 states. Every action we take must be towards this goal.

The organization’s energy. Amending the U.S. Constitution is going to take a lot of energy. It is incredibly easy to become drained of energy if a person starts feeling tension, negativity, or toxicity in a team or just with another member. It is vital that we encourage one another, enjoy our time together, work hard, and constantly reinforce our mission, as well as our values and determination. We are the organization leading the charge to save representative government in the United States by amending our Constitution. We can and will succeed.

Wolf-PAC Core Values

In order to sustain our mission, we work with the following principles.

  1. We take action towards our goals.
  2. We act with integrity.
  3. We participate with a positive and productive attitude.
  4. We are team-oriented.
  5. We act in a nonpartisan manner.
  6. We learn from each other.
  7. We are courageous.
  8. We trust one another.
  9. We practice constructive communication. 
  10. We lead by example.
  11. We are inclusive.
  12. We reward with attention.
  13. We strive to make decisions by consensus
  14. We respond immediately against disrespect, negatively, harassment, or violence.

Our Core Values

We take action towards our goals

We don’t just talk about ending corruption, we act. We are focused and never get distracted. We are goal-oriented, and every action we take is directly related to our mission.

We act with integrity

We do what we say and we say what we do. We tell the truth, rather than say what someone might want to hear. We are authentic in our actions and messaging. We speak factually both on and off the record, in public and private. We walk the walk and never compromise our integrity.

We participate with a positive and productive attitude

Attitudes are highly contagious; therefore, we encourage a positive and understanding approach. That starts with coming to calls or meetings prepared to contribute as a show of respect for each other’s time. Being prepared creates space to share our ideas and learn from each other by bringing trust, energy, and enthusiasm to our teams.

We are team-oriented

We lift one another up and assist one another in a constructive way in order to reach the goals of the organization. As individuals working together for a shared purpose, we strive to be reliable by following through with our commitments to the team. We always have each other’s back with the understanding that our team members depend on us just as much as we depend on them. If we encounter difficulties, we ask for help. We attend meetings, and if we cannot make one, we let our team members know ahead of time and then we catch up on any information we missed.

Our team foundation is built by celebrating individual strengths and showing patience and kindness with each other’s weaknesses. Success comes from being honest with ourselves and being willing to learn from our mistakes. Our goal is not to be right; it is to be successful.

We act in a nonpartisan manner

We take pride in being a truly nonpartisan organization with a truly nonpartisan plan. Campaign finance reform affects everyone, regardless of political affiliation. It takes 38 states to ratify an amendment to the Constitution, so we work to build a broad coalition of people and politicians from all across the political spectrum in order to be successful in our mission.

What one state does will affect us in other states. With this always in mind, we strive to use language and messaging that is cross-partisan. When we go to State Capitol buildings we don’t wear attire that exposes our political leanings so that we do not alienate others or make them feel uncomfortable.

We work hard to listen to those we assume we disagree with in order to find common ground. We are coming together to achieve our goal and acknowledge that we are all patriots working to ensure a truly representative government in the United States.

We learn from each other

We lead by inspiring other team members to greatness through our words, actions, and resources. We help everybody develop and improve, both as activists and leaders. We always strive to develop others into capable, active citizens because we understand that the function of leadership is to increase the number of dependable people on our teams.

We are courageous

We are reaching for change on a national and historical level. This change will only come through innovative action, so we aren’t afraid to try out new ways to achieve our goals. We make decisions, and we stand for them. Sometimes things go wrong, and we do not shame people for making mistakes. It’s always okay to make a mistake, as long as one has good intentions and is capable of learning from it.

If something goes wrong, we deal with it. We don’t create anxiety in advance. Everything can go wrong, and everything can go right. We are allowed to do the wrong thing, because otherwise, we may never find the right thing. We celebrate successes and learn from our failures as a team. Preceding activists left an outline for making an amendment a reality. How we build on that outline will define our movement.

We trust one another

We know that each and every one of us wants the best for our organization. We assume good faith. We assume that everybody wants Wolf-PAC to succeed, even when they do things we don’t understand. We assume they act out of a desire to help the team, even if we perceive the result as directly opposite.

All Wolf-Pac team leaders have an open door policy. If you have concerns about a step or directive, we trust that you will bring your thoughts forward with an open mind prepared to participate in constructive solution creation.

We practice constructive communication

We participate in a respectful, constructive collaboration. If we dislike some activity or decision, we discuss, we argue, we disagree, and we respectfully talk it through until we come to an understanding and constructive path forward. We acknowledge that diversity in opinions is healthy to an organization’s success. When we identify a problem, we bring a solution with it. If we see something we dislike, we respond by making and spreading something we like, instead of simply pointing out what we dislike. If we see a decision we dislike, we make our point about why we dislike it without provoking feelings, or, better yet, we explain why an alternative could be better.

If there’s an issue with someone we’re working with, we respectfully address it directly with that person. If we choose not to address it, we understand that it is our responsibility to let it go. When we see the seed of an internal conflict, we dampen it by encouraging positive communication. We work actively to spread mutual respect and to dampen aggression and distrust. We work outward and cohesively, not inward and divisively. How we handle ourselves, especially under pressure, will be absorbed and emulated by those around us. We always communicate with respect and compassion. This is vital to our mission.

We lead by example

We participate in the very actions that we ask of others.
We are all role models so we act the way we want other people in the organization to act. In all groups of individuals working together the group as a whole will copy both its official and perceived leaders. When we yell at or talk down to somebody, we spread the culture of yelling at and being condescending towards one another. When we advance and praise people for what they do, we spread the culture that people should advance and praise one another. Therefore, we do the latter. People will follow based on the precedent that you set. In this way, your words and actions spread throughout the organization, even to people you will never meet.

We are inclusive

Diversity is not a buzz word in our community. Our varied backgrounds and experiences lead to an array of opinions and ideas that are crucial to ratifying the Constitution. We welcome people from all genders, gender expressions, sexualities, races, ethnicities, ages, persons with disabilities, and political views who share our common purpose of restoring true representative government in the United States. We actively work to make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated in our organization.

We reward with attention

Every behavior that gets attention in an organization is reinforced. Therefore, we focus and give attention to positive behavior, and, as much as possible, we ignore negative attitudes, behavior, or comments (with one exception: read “We respond immediately against disrespect and violence” below). We recognize others for their ideas and contributions by praising and rewarding individual brilliance as much as team contribution. Positive regard is a vital aspect of team culture and morale.

We strive to make decisions by consensus

We don’t use a voting system because it is proven to create animosity/factions/losers. Instead, we listen to everyone’s opinion, consider each of them, and then we make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization and our mission. 

Certain decisions may need to be made by people in designated leadership roles if circumstances don’t allow getting a consensus, whether it be time constraints, no consensus being possible, or other factors. Our leaders use discretion to determine these circumstances, but should always strive to get a consensus with their team, especially on more important matters, even if there isn’t time for a phone conversation and it has to be through email or text. 

Decisions shall be used to strengthen the organization’s energy and mission, and a decision that makes large portions of the organization upset should be rescinded. This calls for striking a balance between making independent decisions and our dependence on the trust of those affected. To express concern with a decision made by the organization you can send an email to which goes directly to our National Leadership Council made up equally of paid staff and volunteers.

We respond immediately against disrespect, negativity, harassment, or violence. We commit to a Code of Nonviolence.

Even though we have great tolerance for mistakes and poor judgment, we do not show tolerance when somebody shows disrespect toward their fellow-activists or violence towards anyone–including our adversaries. Condescending argumentation, both aggressive and passive-aggressive, including speaking poorly about others, or other forms of behavior used to suppress another member is never accepted. Starting or supporting an emotional conflict with a negative focus, and seeking support from others for such a line of conflict harms the organization as a whole and drains focus, energy, and enthusiasm from the goals of the team. When we see such behavior, we call it out as unacceptable. 

We have an important role in making sure that people feel secure participating with Wolf-PAC, with no bullying accepted. If negative behavior continues despite having the behavior pointed out, that person may be excluded from any further participation with Wolf-PAC, and if a friend invites that person back, ignoring the consensus of the organization, they may also be excluded from any further participation with Wolf-PAC. 

We have zero-tolerance for disrespect or intentionally bad behavior against co-activists, and violence towards anyone. 

Each situation comes with its own circumstances and context so each situation will be handled on a case by case basis. Teams are encouraged to work out their own challenges and conflicts, but any member of Wolf-PAC has the option to report a situation to the Wolf-PAC Leadership Council, (, which is made up equally of both staff and volunteers. If a member of the Leadership Council is involved in the situation they shall be excluded from the decision-making process, other than being able to give their perspective, which any member of Wolf-PAC is always entitled and encouraged to provide.

We keep our core values at the forefront of our thoughts and actions and always work diligently to defend our positive, productive culture at Wolf-PAC.

This document will continue to evolve and be updated. It should never be used to beat somebody over the head because a certain part can be read a certain way: the important thing is the spirit and not the letter. 

This document is adapted from Swarmwise by Rick Falkvinge.

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