Petition: Grow the people-powered movement in support of the 28th Amendment.
LIVE EVENT: Step Up to End Corruption & Run Money Out of Politics 2024

Congress is


Your Future

is Being Destroyed

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Nothing will change unless YOU take action.

“I support a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to ensure that our elections are free from the disproportionate influence of special interests and fair enough that any citizen can be elected.”

First Action: Add Your Name and grow the people-powered movement in support of the 28th Amendment.

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Some of what other signatories are saying

Political corruption is a weed choking our country, we need to pull it up by the root with an Amendment to overrule the supreme court and bypass congressional gridlock!

Shawn from California

I joined because it's the first time I've wholly agreed with a cause on every level and feel called to answer.

Kristi Pinson from Florida

I am convinced of the need to change our representation in Congress to be for the people and not special interest groups.

Michael Avallone from New Mexico

Right now, money in politics is preventing two extremely important issues from being solved: Universal healthcare and action to fight climate change. I want to fight the reach of big businesses in politics in order to ensure that every American has access to affordable healthcare and that we preserve the only planet we have.

Azaria Hysmith from Maryland

Our system needs to change. Money influences everything that happens in Washington, including who is elected to office and what Congress decides is important. Eliminating the influence of money places the power of Congress back in the hands of the people.

Robert Johnston from California

I joined Wolf-PAC to help end the corruption in our political system that ignores the needs of the many for the profit of very few.

Colin Schmitt from Georgia

I'm willing to do anything I can to help the cause.

Stephanie Bennett from North Carolina

It’s time for me to get off the sidelines.

Reema Poonawala from Texas

I feel that it is my duty to help when and where I can.

David Abney from Arizona

I must stop complaining with everyone else about how bad things are. It’s time to get everyone else to help change what we dislike.

Leland Kowalski from Pennsylvania

I am increasingly upset and frustrated with the corruption of our government through legal conduct. I believe that paying to have one's agenda reflected in public policy is wrong and I want to do something to stop it.

Carolyn Karr from California

I am not optimistic that we can get any real change without getting money out of politics.

Monica Rodriguez from New York

I am willing to do anything it takes to change our system for the better. I just want to contribute to the cause in any way I can.

Ian Salter Tennessee

I love the outdoors and public lands and I feel Representatives only represent special interests on those lands despite the outcry of millions of Americans to preserve and expand them.

Jonathon Stark from Oregon

I want to help change our country for the better.

Melissa Moldrup from California

Campaign finance must be addressed in order to take our country back from billionaires and corporations.

June Michele Chatelle from California

I want our political system to work for the people, and it can't do that under the influence of bribes.

Anthony Isaacs from Ohio