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Wolf-PAC is committed to transparency in our finances and operations

We believe any organization working in democracy reform should lead by example. The public, our supporters, sustaining members, volunteers, legislators and other groups should know where we get our funding and how we spend the money we’ve been entrusted with.

We are extremely proud that 98% of our funding comes from small-dollar monthly donations of under $42, with the vast majority contributing just $10 per month. With the strong backing of American citizens, we are not beholden to any big donors or special interest groups, and are thus free to make all of our decisions with only one goal in mind – adding an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will fix our broken campaign finance system, so that ourselves and future generations will have a truly representative government.

Note: The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) classifies any individual who gives $200 or more in a calendar year as a “large donor,” so people who are chipping in $25 per month are technically classified as a “large donor” by the FEC.

Our small-donor subscription model allows us to budget effectively and use your contributions in the most responsible way. Typically we do a few membership drives each year (much like public radio) often with a specific goal or project in mind.

We are also proud that even though Wolf-PAC is one of the largest democracy reform organizations in the country, we maintain a very lean organizational structure and operate as efficiently as possible. We believe the best use of time and resources is in empowering, training and supporting regular citizens across the nation — the people who are on the ground and in the districts — to be effective citizen-advocates for campaign finance reform.

Supporting our volunteer network is the highest priority and the bulk of our spending goes to maintaining our current small staff of 3 full-time and 2 part-time employees who provide the day-in day-out assistance, guidance, coordination and resources to our state teams. When appropriate we will use funds and/or resources in specific elections to support candidates who are champions for our cause or to oppose candidates who stand in the way of progress. This issue is too urgent to let anything or anyone stand in the way of achieving a Free & Fair Elections Amendment. We may also participate in issue-based elections such as ballot initiatives if they affect our ultimate goal. The bottom line is every dollar we receive goes directly into the fight for campaign finance reform.

We have two organizations under the IRS tax code. They both have the same goal of adding an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will fix our broken campaign system, but have different functions towards that goal. For example, to spend money in an election we would use our 527. To raise money for a documentary film we would use the 501(c)(4) because it’s main purpose is to educate the public about our plan. You can view our FEC reports below.

Wolf-PAC, 527 (Super PAC)

Wolf-PAC Action Fund, 501(c)(4)
*Even though we are not required by law to disclose our donors to the 501(c)(4), we are doing it voluntarily in the name of transparency.

As our financial support grows so will our team and the strength of our state chapters.

Wolf-PAC provides a high level of communication to our supporters about our activities and we encourage feedback from our members to help us chart the course towards the 28th Amendment. Please join us in this historic journey towards ensuring a truly representative government in the United States.