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The Problem

There is an emergency in America: corruption and special interests have a stranglehold on Congress. Our elected officials in Washington, D.C. are representing their donors rather than we, the people. This gross distortion of representative government has disastrous effects for American citizens because it prevents us from making progress on any of the most pressing issues of our time.

The Solution

A U.S. constitutional amendment is a lasting solution. We must add a 28th amendment that fixes our broken campaign finance system and restores free & fair elections in America. Only then will we be able to ensure a government that represents the will of the people.

There are two ways to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution: Two-thirds of Congress can propose an amendment, or two-thirds of the states can apply for a convention to propose an amendment. Either way an amendment is proposed, by Congress or the states, it then needs to be ratified by 3/4 of the states (currently 38 states) before becoming part of the Constitution.

Since Congress is the source of the problem Wolf-PAC is pushing for this amendment through the states. State legislators are far more responsive to the people and will still take our phone calls and meet with us.

This has been a proven and effective strategy for constitutional change, with more than half of all amendments including a state-based convention campaign. We will either pressure Congress to act, or propose the amendment ourselves through the state legislatures. This issue is urgent and we must use every tool of democracy available to correct the course of our nation.

We are making progress: five state governments have already taken this bold action by demanding an amendment through the states that will fix our broken campaign finance system in America.

Contribute a little bit of time each week by volunteering with your state team, or donate to support our growing citizen movement. Together, we will create a future where our elected officials represent the values of we, the people.

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