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Continue your journey and learn more about Wolf-PAC’s proven and effective strategy for adding an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will ensure true representative government in America.



Theory of Change

Learn about our plan to ensure a government that is responsive to the will of the people.


Learn basic facts and terminology about the Free and Fair Elections resolution.


Learn more facts, including how we know a convention can be limited to one subject.


Learn more facts, including how limitations on a convention can be enforced.


Learn advanced facts, including more about delegates to a convention.


Learn our most advanced points and earn your Wolf-PAC Graduation Cap!

Sign in and volunteer to track progress

If you volunteer and are signed into the site we can track your progress along your path of learning and offer step by step progression, and quizzes to help test your knowledge.

Learning Badges

As a fun little bit of motivation, merit badges will be awarded to your Wolf-PAC profile for your participation. Signing up to volunteer, learning our bullet points, attending meetups with other state pack members, canvassing, talking to your state legislators, and more.

Making sure our volunteers are well educated is crucial to our success, so we put together the learning badge track you see below [click to zoom if needed]. Starting with the Theory of Change presentation, on through more informational slides, and finally some of the nitty-gritty legal reports and other resources.

Badge flowchart

Anyone can view the presentations but you'll have to be logged in and a volunteer to get access to the quizzes. Each section will have a quiz for you to test what you learned, and will show you what questions if any you got wrong so you know what you need revisit.