The Illinois Pack

Land of Lincoln

State Mission Accomplished

Illinois did it!

Illinois successfully passed the Wolf-PAC Free and Fair Elections Resolution! Now we’re helping other states to pass it as well by joining the Wolf Attack Team, Writing Team, Data & Research Team, Social Media Team, Creative Team, and helping to organize around the country.

Action One for Illinoisan Citizens

Contact Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia and thank her for supporting our resolution.

eMail Linda Chapa LaVia

After you complete this important action email and let the team know. Thank you for taking action to help restore democracy!

Action Two: Reach Out

Thank Our Champions

When our elected officials stand up for us it’s important to acknowledge it. Let our supporters know that their efforts are appreciated and encourage them to keep fighting.

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Look up your State Legislators? Who represents you in the upper and lower houses of your state? It's crucial to get to know your state legislators so that you can start a dialogue and get them to support our mission — you have a lot of power on the local level, time to start using it!

Contact the Illinois team directly here:

For helpful resources and quizzes that teach more about Wolf-PAC's mission, visit the learn more section.

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