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Now is your chance to help Colorado make real historic change to save the Republic!

Pre-2017 – Laying the groundwork for our most recent successes.2017 – For the first time in Colorado, we had our resolution drafted. The resolution, known as The Free & Fair Elections Resolution, demands a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to address the damaged state of our current campaign finance system.

2018 – The Free & Fair Elections Resolution was introduced in both the house and Senate chambers and had committee hearings in both. Unfortunately, we did not make it out of either committee hearing, but with over 40 volunteers present, and excellent testimony from 8 of our most passionate volunteers, we continue to show the strength in our movement.


The session starts January 2019, but we don’t back down. We need your help now to get our resolution passed as soon as possible. Join the Wolf-PAC Colorado team!

Take Action and Email your Legislators

Use our email outreach tool to quickly and easily identify your home district Representative and Senator and send them a message that you support the Free and Fair Elections Resolution. This usually takes less than 1 minute to do and it really makes an impact when state legislators hear from more constituents in their own districts.

Look up your State Legislators? Who represents you in the upper and lower houses of your state? It's crucial to get to know your state legislators so that you can start a dialogue and get them to support our mission — you have a lot of power on the local level, time to start using it!

If you live in Colorado we really need you to join the team!

There are many different levels of participation and ways to get involved. Each person who joins us makes us that much stronger. Sign up to volunteer and get connected with the local Colorado team today.

Once you are a volunteer and have logged in, you can take the state action quiz and move on to unlock the next level of engagment. But you need to volunteer and log-in first, so get to it! The buttons for both are just above.

Contact the Colorado team directly here:

For helpful resources and quizzes that teach more about Wolf-PAC's mission, visit the learn more section.

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