Teams - Wolf-PAC
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Communications Team

Contact person: Rena Goldman

  • Writers, initial editors, and copy editors who focus on writing op-eds and articles to educate the public about our plan to end corruption and ensure a truly representative government in America.
  • Artists who create original content for: social media, newsletters, our website, meetups, and other events. This content includes images, posters, flyers and more.
  • Researchers who provide and analyze data for important projects related to our mission. This team compiles libraries of articles, sources, and data about campaign finance reform, the convention process, elections, and key legislation around the country.

If you would like to join the Communications Team please fill out this brief application to give us an idea of what your skill set is.

Wolf Attack Team

Contact person: Josh Aciz

Wolf-PAC’s phone banking powerhouse. When a state needs help convincing a key legislator to support our resolution, this team calls voters in that district and asks them to call their legislator in support of our resolution. This is one of our most effective tools for pressuring legislators to prioritize our legislation.

Development Team

Contact person: Shawn Hansen

Team of programers and IT professionals who help build and manage our online erfforts. Use the signup form here
if you’d like to join. Looking for SEO & anylatics speciealists, and general WordPress theme coders.