Your Goal


Get the Free and Fair Elections resolution passed in your state by:

  • 1. Meeting with your state legislators,
  • 2. building a positive relationship with your state legislators and their staff, and
  • 3. becoming an active volunteer with your state team by completing the “action items” below.


Action Items

  • Attend our Theory of Change Orientation where we explain our goal, strategy, and how exactly you can help.

    • Sign up to volunteer in your state (click here), and/or
    • Email your state team at [yourstate] (ex:, and/or
    • Introduce yourself on your state’s Google Group (click here)
  • If you’d like to get started while you wait for your orientation, use the “Volunteer Resources” below. Do as much as you’d like while your team is working hard to get back to you.


Volunteer Resources

Click below to visit each page.


Find Your State Legislators (click here)

Simply enter your ENTIRE address onto the website using the link above and be sure to find your STATE representative and STATE senator ONLY. If you’re unsure of whether they’re your state or federal legislators, email the state team at [yourstate] (ex:


Bullet Points 101 (click here)

Use these to prepare your “elevator pitch” when talking to your state legislators, their staff, your friends and family.


Wolf-PAC Resolution (click here)

If our resolution has already been introduced in your state, then there will be a state-specific resolution and that is what should be used instead of this template. To find out the situation in your state, email the state team at [yourstate] (ex:


Frequently Asked Questions (click here)