Support the NY team

Getting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to finally fix our broken campaign finance system is more important than ever simply because it is the only thing that can go above Congress and the Supreme Court. Every generation has amended the U.S. Constitution except this one, and we see this as the first issue that needs to be addressed before any other can be taken care of. We can only make this possible by working together!

Wolf-PAC is a grassroots organization fueled by volunteers and small-dollar donors. Some have more time than money, other more money than time. We need all the help we can get to make this happen – every little bit helps – regardless of how you can contribute. So please spread the word and ask your family, friends, and neighbors to help with this endeavor. Have them ask their friends and family too, to continue to spread the word about the great work we all do.

The funds raised will go towards pushing our resolution through the state of New York! We can really use your help to make this happen. Please support our efforts with the form below.