The Oregon Pack

Now is your chance to help Oregon make real historic change to save the Republic!


Current Status: Representative Rayfield will be sponsoring our Free and Fair Elections resolution for the 2019 legislative session!

Action One for Oregon Citizens

Contact Speaker of the House Tina Kotek and urge support for our resolution

eMail Tina Kotek

After you complete this important action email and let the team know. Thank you for taking action to help restore democracy!

Action Two: Reach Out

Urge Support

Speak out to key players in state government and let them know that this issue is important to you, encourage them to support the Free and Fair Elections resolution.

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Look up your State Legislators? Who represents you in the upper and lower houses of your state? It's crucial to get to know your state legislators so that you can start a dialogue and get them to support our mission — you have a lot of power on the local level, time to start using it!

Contact the Oregon team directly here:

For helpful resources and quizzes that teach more about Wolf-PAC's mission, visit the learn more section.

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