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As someone who became a DC citizen, giving up my right to formal representation, I'd like to do what I can in a community that is is riddled with income disparities and social injustices. Many say that DC is the "establishment" and "the swamp" but many also forget that DC used to be called the cappuccino city and home to one of the biggest black populations in America - many who are not the elite. But all this has changed as DC's become more and more gentrified over the past few years as the elitist Mayor Bowser who wants to take the city away from the poor POC, pushing anyone who cannot afford it out while giving more money to investors and private contractors to "clean" up the city by re-zoning and condemning low income housing neighborhoods and making everything overpriced and for the rich. I have seen so much change in just the 10 years living in DC and areas that would have constant gunshot fire are now bring turned into high-end shops, bars & apartments. I'm not sure what much can be done here in DC but I feel that since we are so close to all the legislative action should help with something. Thanks for reading! All the best, Kristine
District Of Columbia
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