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Welcome to the Pack

Your First Steps

We've notified your state volunteer coordinator, and they should be reaching out to you soon to help give you hands-on guidance.

We have a form for you to fill out and share more about oyurself with us, your stort and talents so we can determine where you can help the Wolf-PAC team. But it does not look like you are logged in or you have not volunteered yet? If this is an error contact us and let us know, otherwise try logging in and make sure you already filled out the volunteer form.


Thank You for being part of the Wolf-PAC family.

Click on your state below to get connected with your local team and begin your journey in the fight for a Free and Fair Elections! 


Meet your state pack

Head over to your state's page to see what your local Wolf-PAC team is doing, connect with other supporters and engage on the local level to help get the Free and Fair Elections resolution passed in your state!

Select your state from the menu below, or click the map to move forward.

Select your state from the menu below, or click the map to move forward.


Bring a Friend

​We are building a grassroots army and need your help! Spread the word within your community about Wolf-PAC's fight to restore a truly representative government. Have friends or family who are tired of the corruption at the federal level? Reassure them they are not alone, and have them join the fight for the Free and Fair Elections Resolution.